POINT your advertising to the right audience!POINT your advertising to the right audience!Admore Media is the dedicated sales company that provides digital advertising solutions to some of the market's most attractive sites

What makes us different


What makes us different

We take care of everything

It shall be easy to have a sales partner. Admore is a full service partner that help clients with PUB-TECH, SALES, ADMINISTRATION, REPORTING & CLEARING. Whatever your needs is we will help you!

About Admnore

About us

Admore Mediasales was founded 2008 by Oskar Söderström and Anders Dahlgren. Our mission was to create an salesagency within digital adsales were our goal was to optimize and streamline siteowners online revenue. We thought the best way to succeed was to build a unique knowledge and understanding for the products and combine this with advertisers specific targeting needs.

Today Admore works exclusively with Tradera.com, Hitta.se, CDON.COM, Lekmer.se & Tretti.se

During 2015 Admore was aquired by Signia Creative Intelligence AB and is now a part of Signia Group.

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Our Clients
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Leopold Madia

Key Account Manager Leopold Madia Key Account Manager

Anders Dahlgren

Chief Executive Officer Chief Executive Officer at Admore

Pernilla Dahl

Traffic Manager Pernilla Dahl

Anna Wretlind

Key Account Manager Anna Wretlind

Daniel Ahlstrand

Chief Operation Officer Daniel Ahlstrand

Niclas Sundell

Key Account Manager Niclas Sundell


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